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Delighted Flavors from the Best Indian Restaurant in Amstelveen

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Order Indian Food in Amstelveen From The Best Restaurant


Order Indian Food in Amstelveen From The Best Restaurant

Looking to order Indian food in Amstelveen? Naan Indian Curry & Grill is your go-to place to grab some lip-smacking food in the area. You can get some of the best taste of the Indian subcontinent from us. Our chefs prepare these wholesome meals with full love and effort.

With us, you will experience delectable food from a well-experienced team of chefs and culinary experts who have a plethora of experience in preparing the best Indian meals in the world, thus ensuring that every time you visit us, you have a pleasant and memorable dining experience.

At Naan Indian Curry & Grill, the menu focuses solely on foods cooked over an open flame, as well as a selection of traditional Tandoori classics and flavorful modern curries. When you order food in Amstelveen we make sure that you get the most premium experience in Indian taste. Among some of our delicacies are butter chicken, paneer jalfrezi, and lamb Rogan josh, all made with flair and excellence and presented with love and charm.

Fine Dining With the Best Indian Restaurant

Naan Indian Curry & Grill is an outstanding Indian cuisine restaurant while you are looking forward to ordering food in Amstelveen. We welcome you with pleasant service and a broad menu honoring the finest culinary traditions of the Indian subcontinent. The experience and talents of our personnel add to the aura of our long-standing restaurant.

When you decide to order Indian food in Amstelveen, consider ordering from us because we are committed to the finest quality and the perfect portion size for our guests and meanwhile we ensure that every one of our visitors leaves with a joyful smile on their face after a full-fledged dining experience in a traditional setup and ambiance, excelling in this profession of providing and marketing authentic Indian food in Amstelveen, Netherlands. Our Indian cuisine has earned us a reputation as one of the greatest Indian restaurants in Amstelveen, Netherlands.

The flavors of the tastiest Indian food in Amstelveen are brought to you by Naan Indian Curry & Grill, and your taste buds will be begging for more. We are a well-known Indian restaurant where you can order food in Amstelveen, with a reputation for exceptional freshness and quality, warm hospitality, and a never-ending menu of classic Indian delicacies.

Have a Quick Look at Our Menu

The extensive and delectable menu at our restaurant is something to look out for. Starting with appetizers such as perfectly shaped veggie samosas and spicy chicken tikka, our chef specializes in authentic Indian curries, both vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Including our signature rice dishes, such as biryani, as well as some refreshing and cool beverages.

Order Indian Food in Amstelveen From Us Today!

Do you want to bring delicious and delectable Indian cuisine into your home? You can now get the rich flavors of India instantly from our website, or contact us by phone or email. With our fully vaccinated delivery executives, we will deliver your meal right to your door. Call us at the numbers below, and we’ll deliver your order to your registered address safely.

Also, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like to make a reservation. Please contact us by email or phone using the details provided below. We eagerly anticipate your honest input as we strive to bring you the true flavor of the Indian subcontinent. Order Indian Food Online.

How Has The Indian Naan Evolved Over The Years? 

The Indian naan has always been a major area of interest for food lovers and has been on the restaurant menus for Indian food in Amstelveen for a long time now. It has emerged as one of the most versatile breads of all time that can be matched with N number dishes and curries including all the veg and meat dishes from the country.

It is not only limited to the Indian subcontinent, but also has its roots in other far-off nations as well, such as cuisine from northern India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Iran, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, and the adjacent places.

The Origins of Naan

The origins of the naan probably date back to the Harappan civilization, also known as the Indus civilization, a form of Naan bread that was baked and manufactured. Moreover, chapattis and thick rotis were invented around this time. The bread used to be baked on hot pebbles in ancient Persia, and the Naan flatbread may be related to this bread trend.

The Delhi Sultans are supposed to have introduced tandoor, naan, keema, and kebab cookery and eating to India before the Mughals. The first written history of the Naan, however, may be discovered in the writings of Indo-Persian poet Amir Kushrau about 1300 AD.

How Is The Bread Cooked Traditionally?

Usually, preparing naan takes around three to four hours, however, most households do not have the time to devote three hours to naan every day, so it is mainly enjoyed as a part of the Indian food in Amstelveen at dinings and other restaurants.

Activating the yeast in warm water is the first step in preparing the traditional naan. And once the yeast has been activated, it is mixed with maida flour or all-purpose flour, salt, and sugar in a dry mixture. The yogurt is then added to the dough, which is then kneaded until it forms a cohesive and stretchy ball. The dough is then placed outside to rise for one to two hours in the warm weather.

The dough is then divided into little balls and hand-stretched into a flat oval form after sitting. It’s then slapped onto the inside surfaces of a particularly hot tandoor clay oven, then scraped off after brown spots develop. This technique necessitates not just time and a particular oven, but also tandoor oven experience. Naan is not made at home as a result of this unnecessary process.

How To Get Started With Naan While You Order Food in Amstelveen

When you look for Indian food in Amstelveen, Naan Restaurant offers some of the most lip-smacking varieties of naan. You can choose your favorite from garlic naan, cheese garlic naan, cheese naan, butter naan, the delightful Peshawari naan, and much more.

The famous Indian bread- Naan is commonly used as a rice substitute and served with vegetable stews and spicy curries made with paneer or different meats. If you are new to Indian cuisine then let us tell you how to get started with eating naan at the restaurant.

You can start by ripping the naan by hand and dipped into stews or used to pick up veggies from stews when eaten with stews or curries. It can also be served with various meat fillings. The stuffed naan is loaded with meat (or veggies) and folded over like a pocket when eating meat with naan.

Get Assorted Naans With Amazing Indian Food In Amstelveen

If you want to taste the authentic flavors of the Indian Naan and order food in Amstelveen, then get your food from us. It is highly recommended because our chefs offer a wide and assorted range of naans, some of these are as follows:

  • Peshawari Naan

The filling in the Peshwari naan consists of almonds, desiccated coconut, and raisins, distinguishing the flatbread from the other varieties. The filling is crushed into a paste, frequently with the addition of butter and a little water, and the dough is produced with yeast, water, flour, sugar, oil, and salt. This naan is generally smeared with melted butter or ghee after it has been fried, puffed up, and fluffy, and then served warm with curries, particularly spicy curries.

  • Garlic Naan 

The most ordered is the garlic naan which is the best option to try with many different types of curries from the Indian cuisine. It is prepared with the help of flour, yeast, salt, sugar, and yogurt. The delicious naan is then taken out of the tandoor oven after it has been baked and smeared with butter or ghee, then topped with minced garlic.

  • Cheese Naan

As the name suggests, this variety of naan is loaded with a lot of fresh cheese, chilies, seasonings, and other needed spices. These naans pair up perfectly for eating with curries, dal, and even dry delicacies. This is a soft, puffy naan that is filled with chili cheese stuffing, that is loved by all foodies all over the world.

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